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Our Services

  - Preparation of market research reports on countries and industries with a focus on business opportunities and practical suggestions on how to best take advantage of them;

  - Facilitation of export-import transactions, notably by identifying buyers for sellers of goods and services and vice versa as well as sources of financing;

  - Elaboration of marketing strategies to promote companies and countries;

  - Organizations of international conferences with a focus on emerging markets,  trade & export finance, and  investments;

  - Representation of companies that are interested in developing their trading operations with emerging markets or the United States; and

 - Publication of articles on emerging markets for the financial press and specialized websites.


Complete projects in 2009:

 - Market research reports on business opportunities in the oil & gas, infrastructure, and telecommunications sectors in Kazakhstan;

- Marketing document for a private company to enable it to approach multilateral financial institutions for potential financing;

- Promotion of the interest of a small company both in Washington, DC and during international travels and meetings;

- Research on behalf of a large Russian manufacturer to determine if a certain development strategy was implementable;

- Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with a Chinese company during a business trip to China to develop its business interaction with U.S. companies; and

- Articles for British financial magazines on Eurasia, Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Ongoing projects for 2009-2010:

- Preparation of a conference on trade and investment in Russia & Eurasia  to take place in Moscow in February 2010;

- Articles on Libya;on the New to find new oil partners; on the intricacies of doing business in Central Asia;

- Assistance to several companies interested in entering the Russian, Kazakhstani and Uzbek markets;

- Guidance to foreign companies that are considering entering the U.S. market or eager to find U.S. partners or suppliers;

- Marketing of an security platform from InZero Systems; and

- Business development for a top Russian outsourcing company.

Our clients

 Our clients include a trading company, a large industrial manufacturer, an event producer and publisher, a consultancy, a outsourcing company, a security systems company, etc. They employ between 10 to 40,000 employees and are located in the United States, Europe, Eurasia and China.


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